Using Code, Microsoft Azure, and DevOps Principles to help businesses adopt the cloud faster. 🚀

Hello 👋🏻 I'm Andreas.

I have worked as a professional software engineer with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years, the last 12+ years as a freelancer.

Now, I aim to make cloud technologies more accessible and usable for all businesses and devs to master digitalization successfully.

I build cloud-native solutions on Microsoft Azure services that digitize business models and processes.

I also automate the entire provisioning of infrastructure, PaaS services, and software in Azure, helping developers push code faster and more reliably to the cloud.

Furthermore, I love learning and recreating new stuff that is valuable for my clients and me to grow. Follow me while I share insights with the dev community on LinkedIn.


🔹 Backend Dev / APIs
🔹 DevOps Principles
🔹 Infrastructure as Code
🔹 CI/CD Pipelines
🔹 Serverless
🔹 Data Analytics
🔹 Data Lakehouse


🔹 Microsoft Azure
🔹 C# .NET / ASP.NET Core
🔹 Azure DevOps
🔹 Terraform / Azure Bicep
🔹 Azure Data Factory v2
🔹 and many more

Do you have an Azure project? DM me. 👋🏻